Services Related to Hardwood Flooring

Awesome Howard Floor Repair

Most flooring companies require their customers to find other contractors to help with things like transitions, trim, plumbing and furniture movement. When you come to us, there is no need for an outside contractor - we offer a wide variety of services that will take care of most, if not all, of your contracting needs during the process. Here are those services:


Often home and building owners have furniture moved before we arrive. But often they do not, and our assistance is requested. If we are moving your furniture, please make sure you unhook any computers, TV's, VCR's, stereo equipment, etc. Be sure to move any small items such as chairs, small tables or knick-knacks, and empty all bookshelves and closets. Also, you may choose to take down drapes, curtains, vertical blinds and pictures. If there is not enough room to store all the furniture that is in the area of the work, the job will need to be completed in phases. We would much rather do jobs in one phase, but this is not always possible.


Often, homeowners and building owners have a great relationship with a plumber who handles the plumbing needs that are often a key part of hardwood flooring projects. Most hardwood flooring companies are scared to disconnect and reconnect plumbing. At Premier Hardwood Floors, we are not! If needed and if you don’t have a plumber close at hand, we will disconnect and reconnect all of your plumbing, from refrigerators to toilets and everything in between. There is no need to call a plumber when getting your hardwood refinished when you call Premier Hardwood Floors.


Shoe molding (or quarter round) is often required to cover the gap that exists between the flooring and the bottom of base trim. We will supply and install it, usually finished to match the floors but sometimes painted to match the trim.