Hardwood Floor Installation Harford County

Hardwood Floor Installation Harford County

Hardwood is arguably the most coveted flooring option out there. It’s sleek, durable, and breathable. However, installing a hardwood floor can be expensive. If you’re tired of allowing installation costs to scare you away from getting hardwood floors in your home, it’s time to get the hammer. 

If you’re interested in DIY hardwood flooring installation, this guide will help you with everything. Follow these tips for hardwood floor installation.

Removing the Baseboard

You need to remove the baseboard before installing hardwood flooring. Score the base edge with a knife to ensure you remove the old base. Then use a small trim pry bar to remove the baseboard away from the wall.

Preparing the Subfloor

Preparing the subfloor can take more time, depending on the current floor material. If you’re changing the carpet, pull up the carpet from one of the edges using a plier and remove the tack strips. If your floor had tile, use a hammer to chip the current tile. Sanding may be needed to ensure a perfect surface.

Final Subfloor Preparation

Do a final check for any nails, underlayment, or irregular subfloor before you start installing hardwood flooring. Use a steel dustpan or large scraper and move it across the entire floor. The scraper will stop when it struck something uneven on the floor, so you know what to fix. You may need to add a layer of plywood if your subfloor is too light or damaged. Preparing the subfloor will make installing hardwood flooring in your home much easier.

Make Measurements

You have to measure your board’s width at the end of each wall. Add extra inches, and then mark the wall. Smash a nail into the mark, and then tie a mason’s line between the wall and mark.

Lay down the Board

Lay down the first board along the mason’s line to ensure the tongue faces inside the room. Drill a hole into the board and hammer a nail to secure it in place.

Lay down the Rest

Now, you can begin to secure the other pieces of hardwood flooring together. Please make sure the tongue of the board next to it is well inserted into the groove of the new one when you lay down a new piece. It would help to nail down the boards through the tongue for extra security.


After installing, hardwood floor refinishing is a vital step to give your floor a beautiful shiny look while also protecting the floor. You can refinish your wood floors with either water or oil-based products.

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It’s best to contact a professional hardwood installation company rather do-it-yourself. If you are planning to install hardwood floors in Harford County, Premier Hardwood Floors can help you get the job done right. We have some of the best hardwood flooring installers in Harford County, and we’ll help you complete a flawless installation. 

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Hardwood Floor Installation Harford County

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Hardwood Floor Installation Harford County

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