Hardwood Floor Refinishing Baltimore City

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Baltimore City

Do you have hardwood floors? If yes, you must know how to take care of them. When you care for your Baltimore hardwood floors, they will look beautiful and last longer. However, failing to care for them will leave them damaged and worse for wear. The good news is that there are several things you can keep in mind to maintain your floors before calling someone for hardwood floor refinishing in Baltimore City.

After Your Hardwood Floor Installation

You already know how important it is to sweep and mop your floors, but what about the rest of the time? Throughout the years, hardwood floor repair companies will often get calls for the following issues:

  • Water stains that penetrate all the way to the wood
  • Warping of the wood that has brought on noticeable bumps in your flooring
  • Gray spots that seem to appear in areas where the finish wears away

If you notice any of the above, you will want to think about calling in a floor refinishing and repair company in Baltimore to take a look. The good news is that there are several things that you can do initially to care for your flooring.

Caring for Your Hardwood Floor Installation

Before you need to call someone for hardwood floor refinishing in Baltimore City, you can:

  1. Dust mop or sweep your hardwood floors each day. Daily care with the right tools will keep the flooring clean and looking good. While this may seem excessive, this is a good way to remove any pieces of debris that can start to damage or scratch your flooring investment.
  2. Mop using a hardwood cleaner each month. Because wood and water are not known friends, you need to use a soap-free, oil-based hardwood floor detergent. This is especially true when you have older hardwood flooring that involves a penetrating finish. Just remember that excessive water on your hardwood could cause water damage over time, so only use a light misting of solution with each mopping.
  3. Deep cleaning every few months or annually. The frequency of deep cleaning your hardwood will depend on your lifestyle and traffic areas. If you have pets and kids in the house, you may want to do a deep clean once every three to six months.
  4. Refinish every three to five years. The best hardwood floor refinishing services will tell you that a new coat of finish on high traffic areas showing wear will do a world of good. It would help if you also had a company come in to address any areas where you have pitting, scratches, or gouges.

It goes without saying that refinishing hardwood floors is a big undertaking, especially if you have large areas of your home with this flooring material. Rather than trying to go the DIY route of restoring your floors on your own, you will see tremendous benefits from hiring the pros. We are here at Premier Hardwood Floors to let you know that we are a full-service flooring contractor providing installation, replacement, repair, refinishing, and more.

Do you want a free quote? Call us toll-free at Premier Hardwood Floors at (800) 236-2426 to discuss your project. We would love to tell you all of the reasons why we are the number one answer when you need hardwood floor refinishing in Baltimore City.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Baltimore City

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing Baltimore City

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