Hardwood Floor Repair Anne Arundel County

Hardwood Floor Repair Anne Arundel County

Let Premier Hardwood Floors guide you through the steps of your hardwood floor repair in Anne Arundel County; our experts will take care of every detail of your flooring project to ensure exceptional results. We not only offer the best hardwood floor refinishing services in the area, but we also provide full restoration and repairs so that you can avoid a costly replacement when your floors become unsightly or damaged. Compare our repair rates with other hardwood floor repair companies and choose us for affordability, professionalism, and customer care- reach out to our flooring pros by calling 800-236-2426.

5 Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Hardwood Floors

1. Have you noticed the surface of your flooring becoming dim, dingy, or discolored, even after cleaning and conditioning? When occasional maintenance fails to bring back the original luster of your flooring, it may be time to call a floor refinishing and repair company in Anne Arundel County. Give us a call at Premier Hardwood Floors and we’ll come out and assess the condition of your floors and offer a free cost estimate for refinishing or repairs.

2. If your flooring has surface scratches from pets or furniture, it’s a good idea to address them as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the flooring. Scratches can make your floors look unsightly; however, with prompt attention from our team, we can sand out scratches and refinish wood to restore its appearance.

3. Sun-damaged flooring can give a washed-out look that makes your flooring seem much older than it actually is. To refinish floors that have been exposed to the sun’s UV rays for an extended amount of time, make a call to Premiur Hardwood Floors and ask to speak with a hardwood floor specialist.

4. You may be thinking about a tear-out and new hardwood floor installation due to wood rot or damage from negligence, flooding, or damage from abuse; hardwood flooring is made to last a lifetime; with professional restoration and repairs, Premier Hardwood Floors can breathe new life into old flooring.

5. Find out whether your floors pass the water test; choose a section of your flooring that is damaged and pour a tablespoon of water on top of the surface; wait 5 minutes to determine whether the floors absorb the water. If your Anne Arundel County hardwood floors pass the water test, there’s no need to refinish them unless you wish to restore their beauty.

Regardless of your flooring’s condition, our team can help you achieve your goals of restoring visual appeal and performance; one call to our flooring experts at 800-236-2426 and we’ll offer free advice and a professional recommendation on how to go about reconditioning your floors. For a cost-effective hardwood floor repair in Anne Arundel County, count on us from start to finish.

Call us toll-free to discuss your upcoming home improvement project and receive a free quote for hardwood floor refinishing, repairs, and/or restoration. Browse our website for photos of past projects completed by our pros.

Hardwood Floor Repair Anne Arundel County

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Hardwood Floor Repair Anne Arundel County

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