High Pressure Patio Misting System

A high pressure patio misting system can help make any outdoor space bearable during the hottest months of the summer. These powerful systems are ideal for restaurants and bars, festivals and other public outdoor events. They also make a great addition to any residential backyard patio, allowing you to enjoy more time outdoors even after the temperature begins to rise.

What is a High Pressure Patio Misting System?

Not all high-pressure patio misting systems are alike, in fact, many of them are not considered “high pressure” at all. They are simply a misting system. This is especially true for those purchased for residential use. They are usually easy to install and provide a similar effect as a sprinkler system, only elevated.

What are the Benefits of a Patio Cooling System?

A high pressure patio cooling system offers a simple and efficient way for your family, friends or customers to stay cool while outdoors on your property. These systems are often used at big outdoor events, festivals or attractions such as theme parks or zoos. They effectively cool down an area even in the sweltering heat. And most people enjoy the refreshing mist that helps them endure the heat.

While they are commonly used in public areas, there are also misting systems offered for at-home use. These are ideal for families with children who love to play in the water during the summer or anyone who wants to enjoy the fresh air without feeling uncomfortable from the heat.

Many high pressure misting systems will include a remote so that you can control the pump from a distance. This can be very convenient for restaurant, café or bar owners who offer patio seating as they can activate the system from inside the establishment.

What You Should Know Before Buying a Patio Cooling System

Patio misting systems are offered in a variety of nozzle sizes and filtration options. You can choose a nozzle type for either humid or dry climates so that you the best results for your area. Pumps are offered with or without a timer system built in. There are also standard or deluxe filtration systems available.

Patio misting systems can help to decrease the temperature in a particular area, which can be a great benefit on hot summer days. But users should be aware that these misting systems will cause the area to become wet, similar to light summer rain. So, if you don’t want your patio furniture or other belongings to become soaked, you will either have to place the system in another area or consider an alternative.

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