Kitchen Remodeling St Paul Mn

Kitchen Remodeling St Paul Mn

Novare Renovation & Design is a kitchen remodeler in St Paul MN. There are many things to consider when you decide to remodel your kitchen, one of them being that not all families use the kitchen in the same way.

Considering specific criteria will help you make the right decisions when remodeling your kitchen in St Paul MN:

Kitchen Purpose

Each family has its lifestyle. The first step in your remodeling project is to consider the ways you use your kitchen. You may want your kitchen to be a multipurpose area, or simply a place for cooking. Once you determine the purpose and needs, you can start considering how to distribute the space.

Adapting to Reality

Not all kitchens are rectangular or square. In some homes, the kitchen’s shape may be irregular. You must adapt the kitchen you dream of to the reality of your home. If you are going to have kitchen remodeling done in St Paul MN, consult Novare Renovation & Design. We are ready to help you.


The most commonly used kitchen distribution is in the shape of a “U”. You can also use an “L” configuration using only one side. If space is small, a linear distribution for your kitchen remodel is more appropriate. Finally, if you have enough space, you might consider building a kitchen with an island.


Furnishing for your kitchen is fundamental. Cabinets are the largest surface area of a kitchen and their design will define the personality of the room. Additionally, the storage capacity you have for your utensils depends on this furniture. When distributing, try to match similar appliances, such as microwave/oven or washing machine/dryer. On top of that, consider in detail the internal layout of the cabinets in your kitchen remodel, so you can store everything you need correctly.


Try to have large windows to take advantage of natural light in your kitchen remodeling. Consider placing frequently used features such as the dishwasher or the preparing area near these windows to maximize the use of natural lighting. Once that is decided, design an artificial light distribution that adequately illuminates the rest of your kitchen. You must make sure that the light fixtures match the style you've selected for the décor.

Trust the Experts

If you are going to do a kitchen remodeling in St Paul MN, Novare Renovation & Design has the best of the best for you. We are the most prestigious company in kitchen remodeling in MN, and we put all our expertise at your disposal. Let us accompany you from the beginning of the project so that you can turn your ideas into a beautiful reality. Contact us today!