Marble And Granite Fabricators Near Me

Marble And Granite Fabricators Near Me

Sprovierie, one of the best counters in Chicago, IL, offers the largest selection of top-quality natural stone and granite countertops in Chicago. We work with a diligent mind to create outstanding countertops and many other products to benefit our customers’ lives.

Our objective is to positively influence our customers’ homes as we design and produce top-notch products for all our customers. Likewise, our team members have the required skills, knowledge, and experience to make the best stone countertops for sale in Chicago, Illinois, based on the specific requests and requirements for all our customers.

So, whenever you are thinking of “marble and granite fabricators near me,” think of Sprovierie. We have all the information you need and are eager to help. Here Are five soapstone FAQs you might have. 

  • Does It Require Maintenance?

Keeping your countertop to look its best all the time requires little maintenance culture from you. To speed up the process involved in the stone’s darkening, many of our clients choose to use the systematic treatment method of mineral oil.

You can clean soapstone countertops with daily household cleaners. They do not have to be sealed, which is a plus, but the mineral oil allows the countertop’s surface to darken uniformly over time.

  • Is My Soapstone Counter Supposed To Be Sealed?

It is unnecessary to seal soapstone because of the soapstone’s impenetrable quality. However, it is essential to seal stones that can stain, such as marble or granite.

  • Does Soapstone Retain Scratches?

Every soapstone is very soft, 1-4.5 mol, so yes, it’s going to scratch. With just the tip of your fingernail, softer soapstones can get scratched, while the soapstone with harder surfaces will require a knife or key to cross.

However, if you apply mineral oil on such a surface. The mineral oil will hide most of the scratches. With a bit of light sanding to the mineral oil, deep scratches can get cleaned off.

Soapstone is quite durable, so extreme cold or hot reactions affect the soapstone countertop surface. With sandpaper and a little water, you can quickly repair soapstone. 

  • Do I Need to Keep Using Soapstone Oil? 

Over time, soapstone countertops will darken whether the oil is applied on it or not. With time, the most frequently used surface area of the soapstone countertop will darken, especially in a food or kitchen service environment, if you refuse to treat it.

If you do not treat the soapstone, it will produce an aging veneer appreciated by many clients. Luckily, you can treat it at any time if you decide you want your countertops oiled.

  • How Do I Keep My Soapstone Countertop Clean?

Though you can clean your attractive soapstone countertops with any household cleaners, the use of hot water and mild dish soap is highly recommended. The surface of the oil-treated areas is prone to be affected by harsher cleaners. Thus, treatment with the use of mineral oil is necessary.

If you need any top-notch and high-quality countertops, turn to Sprovierie, we are experts, and you can trust them when installing the best soapstone countertops near Chicago. Contact Sprovierie’s Custom Counters: 630-543-3400 today! 

Marble And Granite Fabricators Near Me

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Marble And Granite Fabricators Near Me

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