Packing Bench

Packing Bench

Few adjustable workbenches on the market can beat the NCS Bench System. The NCS is one packing bench that has been designed to adapt to multiple businesses and operations.

With its versatile steel-welded frame, sturdy worksurface, shelves, cable management, storage options and great adjustability, the NCS Bench system is easily one of the most customized workbench tables in the industry today. You can configure it to meet just about any requirement and application.

Here is What You Get with the NCS

NCS Bench System weight capacities are unsurpassed by current industry offerings. All units provide a weight capacity of 2650 lbs. and 36″ deep worksurfaces have a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

  • Laminate and ESD worksurfaces available
  • Mounted power bar for easy access
  • Integrated cable management
  • Trash opening in worksurface
  • Rollout shelf for easy access
  • Multiple rollout shelves for storage
  • Shelves are adjustable from 0 to 10 degrees and available with or without dividers.
  • Shelves easily hold 400 lbs. and up to 850 lbs.
  • Removable side panels are easily redistributed to the ends of your configuration as you expand multiple unit systems.
  • Height-adjustable worksurfaces are available
  • Back-to-back option to maximize limited space

These features make it easy for you to easily transform the durable, configurable and ergonomic foundation of the NCS to become the packing bench that meets the requirements of your working environment. Here are some of its frames:

24”W x 84” H x 36” D

48″W x 84″ H x 36″ D

48″W x 36″ H x 36″ D

72″W x 36″ H x 36″ D

72″W x 84″ H x 36″ D

Here are some of the industries that you can apply the NCS Bench System



Fill stations

Replenishment stations

Equipment repair stations

Quality station

Shipping and receiving


Patient Monitoring stations



Supply storage

Testing and sampling


Sorting and packing

Quality station

Shipping and receiving

Lan  racks


Assembly Equipment repair stations

Quality station

Shipping and receiving


Video Monitoring station


Maintenance/equipment repair

Quality station

Shipping and receiving



Tool storage

Light manufacturing station

Equipment repair stations

Quality station

Shipping and receiving

The NCS Bench System is the total solution for your workspace needs. You don't need to deal with single-purpose assembly tables that are just as limited and expensive. The NCS Bench System is one of the best technical assembly desks and tables out there. With this ergonomic assembly desk, you get a product that you can easily adapt or expand with the ever-changing variety of technology on the market.

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Packing Bench

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