Window Tint Dallas

Window Tint Dallas

Epic Solar Control is a leader in the window film industry and offers the best window tint in Dallas at affordable prices. We offer energy-efficient and UV-resistant window film installations that help reduce glare. We can help you find the superior window tint for your office, business, or home within your budget. The main benefits of window tinting for commercial buildings include:

  1. Improves Energy Efficiency

Installing dark film on your building windows can make your office or business more energy efficient. Our product not only limits the amount of heat in the room but reduces glare and bright daylight considerably as well. A tinted window can help your staff become more comfortable during the warmer weather without running the air conditioning all day long. Window tinting can keep the temperature more consistent throughout the room or building.

  1. Protects Your Interior

The UV rays entering your building can cause widespread damage to your building interior, such as fading of furniture, wall paint, flooring, etc. After spending thousands of dollars in creating the perfect interior space for your commercial building, the last thing you want is losing the curb appeal due to UV exposure. Our window tinting service in Dallas can protect your costly furniture and other surfaces from damage, saving a lot of money along the way.

  1. Keeps Employees More Comfortable

As a business owner, you do not want your staff to lose their morale because of poor working conditions. A poorly ventilated room can cause your employees to perform badly, cause them to lose focus, and cause them to dread stepping into work each day. Your staff member may not only have to put up with the heat and glare, but the bright daylight can cause seasonal depression. Closing the blinds as an alternative may not be optimal because it will block out all the natural light and increase energy bills. Our window tinting and window film services can reduce computer screen glare and allow your staff to enjoy an appropriate amount of daylight. Our window tinting for commercial buildings also reduces exposure to UV rays significantly.

  1. Improves Security And Safety

As a business, protecting your employee’s privacy and keeping your operations discreet is of paramount importance. It can also prevent data breaches, burglaries, physical harm to your staff and protect your financial interests. Security window film installation can protect your company from break-ins and protect your employees, clients, and other people inside the building.

  1. Adds a Decorative Look

Window tinting film comes in a broad range of colors, designs, and styles. You can let your window film dealer & installer know your likes, goals, and preferences and add a distinct look and decorative touch to your space through window tint.

Call us at 469-577-9933 to buy the best window tint in Dallas. Epic Solar Control offers residential and commercial window tint and installation services at competitive prices. Our window tint products are energy efficient, look attractive, provide superior comfort and security, and cater to your unique needs. Get in touch with us today.

Window Tint Dallas

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Window Tint Dallas

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